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Need a 6" phone, possible under $300, or Huawei?

Posted Sep 9, 2017 by Andrew Ray

  1. Andrew Ray

    Andrew Ray Member Scrap Metal

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    samsung s3 mini gt-i8200n
    Hi there,

    The phone I have now, a BLU life one x 2016, is slowly dying (battery drains really fast).
    On top of that, it's been a while now I felt I need a bigger screen as I'm using the phone more and more for work (pdf, documents, notes...) and my eyes start feeling tired.

    After the experience with the BLU life one x, which hasn't been bad or great, just OK, I'm considering at this point to get something better. I think what I would like to see in my next phone are more performance and bigger screen.

    That said, I'm looking at two models in particular: Sony Xperia XA Ultra and Huawei Mate 9.
    I can find the former for about $260, which budget wise is really good, whereas the latter runs about $450.
    The Sony comes with a 6" screen and the Huawei with a 5.9" screen.

    I don't know the two phones at all, I have only read some reviews and I guess they are good phones.

    So, what I'd like to ask you is:
    1. Are the Sony and the Huawei worth their price?
    2. Is it the Huawei significantly better to justify the extra cost? (By this I mean, more performance, a better battery which possibly lasts longer?)
    3. Is there any better or equivalent alternative for the same price range which I should take into account?
    Thanks for any help or info!
  2. 02mick

    02mick Member Scrap Metal

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    I have had both Huawei mate 7 & 8 and have allways beenhappy with them, camera lens on the back of the 8 is abitt unfortunate but that would be my only complain in 3 years of Huawei use, battery life is superior to anything I had before, I stopped working and back studying otherwise I would have bought the 9 or 10 in a heartbeat. I am currently thinking of buying a umdigi s2 (I cant post a link) but I'm wondering if its a to good of a deal .(-:
  3. mfox

    mfox Member Drone Droid

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    my friend, if i were you, and not consider about budget, then can buy Samsung S8, or Xiaomi mix2, but if you want to buy it under 300$, then i recommend you the Umidigi S2, very charming model

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