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LG V30 Update Process

Posted Mar 29, 2018 by brian.m85

  1. brian.m85

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    I'm just going to vent about my experience with the upgrade process. This morning my phone said I had an update (excited). I then try to kick it off, however it requires Wifi (a little disappointed). We have something like 22gigs of data. I try my work WiFi and it stalls. I think the Web Filtering we have setup was messing with it. So I tried a different network. I got a few bytes in (yay). After losing that connection because I am out of range Android now says I am up to date.

    Rebooting my phone, force closing the Software Update Process, clearing cache will not bring it back.

    Why can't this stuff just work, without all the crazy restrictions.
  2. Jake Lam

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    Try rebooting your device and updating it again

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