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Jaybird x3 vs Beats X

Posted Apr 4, 2018 by sedp23

  1. sedp23

    sedp23 Member Scrap Metal

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    Anyone have these headsets? Which ones are better for phone calls and music?

    I'm coming from the LG Tone infinim 910 , the newer 920 model doesn't have noise cancellation and sound terrible on phone calls. The 910 were perfect for battery life, music, and phone calls as it had noise cancellation. One of the earbuds went out on my infimims so I'm looking to replace them. Im looking at the jaybird x3 and the beats x, but worried about the phone call quality as from what I'm reading neither of them have noise cancellation. Which headset is the better purchase? How's the sound quality, loudness of the earpiece, battery and phone call quality?any other suggestions or recommendations

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  2. sonali456

    sonali456 Member Drone Droid

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    It is not really apples to apples comparison when it comes to Beats X and Jaybird X3, there is a good reason that you pay some extra bucks for Jaybird X3.

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