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Is my huawei p10 battery faulty or normal?

Posted Apr 16, 2017 by GreenTrux

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    Screen brightness : 50% only mobile data , loc, wifi on.

    The longest On screen time i lasted was 6 hours ( almost no standby time, that was the first day i bought the phone ) only browsing and downloading apps. 6 hours and battery died.

    Yesterday night, 4 hours on screen time, browsing and video recording for 20 mins then phone died.

    This morning :Battery is at 80%, 1 hour on screen time, no standby time.

    Now : Battery at 15% , on screen time : 4 hours. Last full charge was 12 hours ago, picture taking and browsing,

    Since i bought it, it seems like i can never squeeze a full day of use ( i usually use it heavily ) and i genuinely don't know if the battery is normal or faulty. I don't want to take it to service and wait for 2 weeks only to hear " the battery is great, the battery life you want doesn't exist "

    Advice would be appreciated! Thanks !
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