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iPhones are really better than android?

Posted Dec 28, 2016 by Steven B. Mulcahy

  1. AdrianG001

    AdrianG001 Member Scrap Metal

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    Whether to choose an iPhone or an android it completely depends upon individual`s choice. Talking from the technical specifications and features point of view i would definitely like to go with iPhone. If budget is your problem then its better to get all the desired features on your android phone !

    Adrian Gates
    Cloud Expert - Apps4Rent.
  2. Septembersrain

    Septembersrain Member Drone Droid

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    I believe they both offer a certain benefit. Which is why I own both.

    Android for the customization and ease of third party apps. I am also more satisfied with dark themes which Apple seems to abhor.

    iPhone for the way it controls background activity and notification badges (Namely it keeps Facebook, Twitter, messengers, etc from showing badges and I've got background refresh off).

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