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How to remotely locate my lost android device?

Posted Jan 11, 2018 by AA Questions

  1. AA Questions

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    Is it possible to locate my stolen/lost android device? If it is can somebody explain how to do it?
  2. Jake Lam

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (N950N), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910C), Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFi Edition, Sony PRS-350, Sony PRS-T3
    To do this you need to enable the Find My Device feature on your device:
    • Go into Settings
    • Security
    • Device Administration
    • Enable the "Find My Device" option
    • Then go back to Settings
    • Location
    • Enable the Location Option
    • Select the High Accuracy Mode
    • Tap back
    • Select Google Location History
    • Enable Location History and for your device
    To Locate you device:
    • Launch a web browser and go to Google
    • Type Find My Android Phone into Google
    • Select "Find My Device" which should be the first option in the search result
    • Login using the Google Account that is registered onto your lost device
    • Your lost device will be located soon if it is still powered on
  3. Emily Baker

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    If you cannot find your mobile phone, the first thing you need to do is to ensure whether the device is really lost or just misplaced. You can simply confirm that by calling the device. Or you can use Find My iPhone or Android Device Managerto track the device. If you make sure that the device is truly gone, you need to take action right away.
    Next time,please backup all the data in the computer in advance to avoid lose more.
    More detail:
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