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How To Put Any Android Smartphone Into Monitor Mode Using Custom Script

Posted May 19, 2017 by sandip-21

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    We all know to pentest the wireless network using android smartphone,first we must have to put the smartphone into monitor mode.Earlier android devices with Broadcom bcm4329/bcm4330 WiFi chipsets support monitor mode.Today i will show you how to put almost any android smartphone into monitor mode using the custom script.Apart from pentesting,attacker could use this script to hack the wireless network using android smartphone.


    1. Rooted Android Device.
    2. Allow installation of apps from 'Unknown sources' in the settings.
    3. Custom scripts to enable and disable monitor mode
    4. Reaver apk
    5. bcmon apk
    6. Es File Explorer apk

    In Some case,OTG WiFi Adapter

    Don't worry if your device support bcmon or not,we insert custom script into bcmon directory to enable monitor mode in android smartphone

    Steps To Put The Android Smartphone into Monitor Mode Without bcmon

    1. Download and install reaver, bcmon and Es file explorer application

    2. Open all the downloaded app and Leave it open for a few seconds and then go to home.

    3. Now Browse bcmon.apk using the Es File explorer and extract the bcmon.apk

    4. Now navigate to assets folder of" Extracted bcmon apk ",Copy all the files and folder from assets folder and paste into "com.bcmon.bcmon in/Data/data" directory

    5. Now we will use custom script to put wifi into monitor-mode. Copy the custom script codes and save with a .sh extension to anywhere in the phone

    5.1 (enables monitor mode and exits)


    RfA will read the script and execute the commands. This is needed to execute reaver in the same terminal session as the script.

    5.3 (put wifi to disables monitor mode)

    6. Now open Es File explorer.

    7.Go to "bcmon.bcmon/files/tools/reaver" directory

    8. Now provide read ,write and execute permission to all the 3 files by Long press on file,chose permissions and then check the execute boxes & click OK.

    9. Go to tools, long press enable_bcmon and grant execute permission & click OK .

    10. Now Open Reaver application and move into the settings and open monitor mode settings Uncheck 'use bcmon' and click 'Browse' to load all the scripts( is the activation script, is the warm up script and is the stop script.)

    11. Now goto attack screen and test whether monitor mode is working or not by click on"Test Monitor-mode".

    12. Grant root permission if any popup comes. Press OK and press start attack.

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