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How To Enable Google Assistance On Android Marshmallow?

Posted Jan 25, 2018 by sonika singh

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    Google Assistance is a voice activated version of digital assistant which is created by google which can perform actions on behalf of a user and provide contextual information regarding the searches. It’s currently available on various platform including the android phone 6.0 version or marshmallow and higher. Common day to day android user do faces many problem.

    How To Enable Google Assistance On Android Marshmallow Follow The Procedure :
    • First of all, open your mobile and then click on settings and further click on google. Tap at the top menu and select help and feedback from list.
    • Again tap at the top of the dotted arrow. Scroll down the app and click on beta sign up process and join it.
    • Then search for google in the play store and click on the official app and scroll down click on the beta sign up process and download the install the latest version of google.
    • Then again go to the settings, click on language and input as well as choose the preferred language.
    • Clear cache from your google app data. This is will clear all the previous settings on your google App. Also, make sure your Google App language is set to English.
    • Once done, just tap and hold the home button of your device and your will see a message pop from the bottom asking you get started with “Google Assistance “ .
    In case, if you faces any issue regarding clearing of cache then one could able to resolve the issue then one can take the help from Android customer care team.
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    Google Assistant is available on Android Phone 6.0 version or marshmallow and higher.

    To Enable Google Assistant On Android Marshmallow Follow this Procedure :

    1. First step is to get the beta versions of Google Play Services and Google App. For this go to Settings > Google then tap on the three verticle dots menu button on top right and then tap on “Help and Feedback”.

    2. Now in the Help page, tap on the three-dot menu button and tap “View in Google Play store”. This will open up the Play Store page of Google Play services. Now scroll down and tap on “I am in” button in “Become a beta tester” section.

    3. Now tap on “Join” and wait for the beta signup to complete.

    4. Now search for the Google app in the Play Store and sign up for its beta program.

    5. After that open up the Play Store and go to the “My apps and games” section and go to the “Beta” tab where you will find Google and Google Play Services. Update both of them.

    6. After that go to Settings > Apps and then Google > Storage > Manage Space and tap “Clear All Data”.

    7. Now go back and do the same for Google Play Services. Tap on “Manage Space” and “Clear All Data”.

    8.Now open up the Google app where you will be asked to do settings. Then you will see the app familiar Google page. Open the menu and tap on “Settings”.

    9.Here you will find the Google Assistant Settings. Tap on it and then Google Assistant setup window will pop up. Tap on “Continue” and then press hold the home button to open the Google Assistant.

    The Google Assistant is available now for you. If you ask the Assistant what you can do then it will bring up a list of things it can do. So just try these steps and get the amazing new Google Assistant on your Android smartphone which is Android 6.0 or higher.

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