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How much do thin cases protect the phone?

Posted Aug 10, 2014 by RichMD

  1. RichMD

    RichMD New Member Scrap Metal

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    ATT Galaxy Note 2
    I currently have a Note 2 with a slim fit case - (elago G6)
    I've seen "drop tests" for various phones but I've never seen anything that says anything about how much a typical thin case protects the screen from breaking if the phone is dropped. I am very careful with my phone and am thinking of getting the Note 4. I like the colors but am not sure if I should still buy a case. Is there any way to know how much a thin profile case might help avoid a cracked screen if it is dropped by accident?

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  2. sharkbait

    sharkbait Member

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    nexus 5, nexus 7
    They dont (much)

    They will keep your phone in a nice cosmetic condition, however they do little to protect it from breaking.

    Lets think of the mechanics of this situation:
    All you are doing is adding a small layer of plastic to the outside of the phone.
    When you drop your phone the force will pass straight through the case to your phone. Most cases have poor elasticity, and will do little to dampen the force. They may spread the force out slightly, lowering the impulse to any specific area.
    More expensive cases have more exotic materials to help dampen the force, however only a few mill of it is used, so the effect is negligible.

    Your slim fit case will do next to nothing, all you are doing is adding another layer of plastic to the outside of your phone, which will transfer a force to your screen in just the same way
  3. Ed Briggs

    Ed Briggs Member Droid Minion

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    Nexus 6, Ubuntu laptop
    It will probably only help with a small drop of less than 2ft. It's more for keeping it scratch free.

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