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How do I stop my device from sending my location to Google every second, even when the location sett

Posted Dec 29, 2017 by desbest

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    How do I stop my device from sending my location to Google every second, even when the location setting is off? (Which is illegal because I declined Google from taking my location data because I turned it off and they still collect it anyway.)

    Google was caught collecting location data EVERY second from android phones when the Location setting is turned off. Now I know why my phone battery is so terrible.

    If I leave my phone stationary in my house on standby, it lasts 6-8 hours, which is bad as it should last at least 12 hours stationary on standby. If I go outside and move around, 40% of my battery goes in 2 hours so on a 100% charge when outside moving around, my battery lasts 2-3 hours. The battery drains faster when I'm moving around than when the phone is still, and it drains even faster when inside transport than walking. How do I REALLY turn location tracking off?

    Before anyone says, "maybe your phone has a virus", it was like that with a terrible battery since I brought the phone with a fresh installation, and I installed every app on my phone from Google Play except for Gab.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Android 6.0.1


    I have made the exact same journey with my wifi, mobile data and location off and my battery only drained by 5% in one hour intead of 35% in one hour. As the mobile network tracks my location with all 3 off, the battery drain is not due to the location tracking by my network. It's also not due to any apps, as apps can only track my location when the location is on (of which a window appears asking me if I want to turn location on so the app can use it) and the location icon shows in notifications. Remember that my battery lasts much longer when stationary but abysmal when moving around.

    How do I fix this problem?

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