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Homescreen Monday 03-13-2017: Kris Carlon!

Posted Mar 13, 2017 by Luka

  1. Luka

    Luka Administrator Staff Member Team AA HAL

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Sony SmartWatch 3
    Welcome back to Homescreen Monday. This week we're featuring a home screen from our very own Kris Carlon (@kriscarlon). Let's take a look:

    screenshot_20170216-093721.png screenshot_20170216-093727.png screenshot_20170216-093732.png

    From Kris:
    I keep my home screen fairly standard across devices. So this is Action Launcher 3 on the Huawei Mate 9 but it looks much the same as my Pixel layout.

    My first row of folders includes my most frequently used apps.

    Messaging: I use WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger and Snapchat. I use several other messaging apps for certain people but nowhere near often enough to warrant a place here.
    Social: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, but Facebook's app has been replaced by Swipe and I've pretty much given up on G+ these days.
    Utilities: Exciting, I know. But the calculator, calendar, clock and file explorer are all heavily trafficked apps for me. I paid for Solid Explorer because nothing else compares.
    Work: The AA app, Google Analytics, Slack and Asana, what else need be said?
    Photos: I love (Google) Photos and Snapseed for quick edits, but I occasionally use Pixlr still and I'm stuck using Sony's awful Play Memories app for Wi-Fi camera transfers.

    My top row gets a little more chilled. I have some media apps including YouTube, Poweramp, Spotify and Google Play Music (with an All Access pass thanks to a YouTube Red subscription).
    Google: Some random stuff in here including the Play Store, Google Fit, Keep and Translate (I live in Berlin).
    Games: I like to keep my favorites games up front so I'm reminded I should play them more, especially those I paid for. I'm currently loving Sky Force Reloaded and Sky Dancer, but I gravitate back to Leo's Fortune, Alto's Adventure and a couple Lego titles because they're always fun. I'd probably play C-Ops more if it had game controller support and I backed Hologrid on Kickstarter.
    Stuff: Pocket (which I can't live without), Pushbullet (one of my all-time favorite apps), Feedly (an essential when you do what I do for a living) and Pocket Casts for listening to the AA Podcast. Chances are when I open this folder no more work is getting done for at least an hour.
    Maps: I travel a fair bit and German street names are not always easy to remember, hence a whole folder dedicated to not getting lost. Google Maps for the daily and OsmAnd for its awesome offline functionality.

    And that will do it for this week's Homescreen Monday. Don't forget to share with us your home screen (include your social media handles so we can give you a proper shout out) because we might feature it in our next Homescreen Monday post!
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  2. Nadir

    Nadir Member Scrap Metal

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  3. Dan0960

    Dan0960 Member Scrap Metal

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    1. Phone: Nexus 6P
    2. Stock Android 7.1.2
    3. Nova launcher with Audax Icon pack
    4. No-brand Wallpaper from Zedge.

    Here's my home screen and everything is self-explanatory on the home screen the wallpaper is fitting to the background with the text. My Twitter handle is @Whyteejr

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  4. peter11star

    peter11star Active Member Protocol Droid

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    Galaxy s8, Nvidia Shield K1, Nexus Player, Lg G Watch Urbane, Samsung Gear fit 2
    Umbra is the Icon Pack.
    Wallpaper is Mean Green from Backdrops-Wallpapers
    Widget is from the selection in Nova Launcher, which is my launcher of choice.

    Right is all of my Social Media apps.
    Right Center is my sports apps.
    Left Center is all of my Jesus apps.
    Left is my Google apps. Screenshot_20170311-163527.png
  5. theinfinityzero

    theinfinityzero Member Scrap Metal

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    Launcher: Nova Launcher Prime
    Icon Pack: Min
    Phone: Sony Xperia Z5 (Dual)

    I'm all for minimalism on my devices to give them a clean look. A simple swipe up on the dock icons for group folders. Online Tools, Entertainment/Photo tools, Phone, and Social Media. Screenshot_20170313-220719.png
  6. Moufaz

    Moufaz Member Scrap Metal

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    Here's my Home screen using;
    Nova Launcher Prime
    Two Pixel Icon Pack
    Zooper Widget Pro

    Frequently used apps are on the first page.
    Other apps are categorized under Media, Shopping, Drive, Apps, Utilities , etc folders on the second page
  7. Tarun Kurian

    Tarun Kurian Member Scrap Metal

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    Black is the epitome of simplicity.

    This is my Samsung A7 2016. There are no extra pages creates. It's just one single screen with prime messaging, productivity and navigation apps.

    It's a clear array to navigate between much needed apps day in, day out with a 4x4 grid. The clear black background helps visibility of individual apps at any point of day with just 35% screen brightness. The display is using standard provided through Samsung Themes.
    Also. I have recently started using SwiftKey Keyboard with the new tap sound and vibrate modes installed with both at 6 and 35% settings respectively. It gives u the feel of a taptic engine. The keyboard has been right toggled to ensure quick two hand operation.

    SIMPLICITY is the new game. Try it out.

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  8. betula

    betula Member Scrap Metal

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    Phone: Moto Z
    Nova with the Min Icon pack
    This is my standard set up of three screens. The left one with a full screen calendar, the basic google calendar widget, the right one with media controlers and a date usage display from Telenor (My Norwegian operator).
    The middle one is the main one, quite simple with my most used apps, but with Nova gestures doing most of the heavy lifting. Thanks!

    A few little things im trying out is Cornerfly for imitating the G6 rounded corners and a battery display on the the top called Energy Bar. Quite like it so far!
  9. Robel

    Robel Member Scrap Metal

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    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    My kind of homescreen:

    Below are the apps I've used for setting up my homescreen.

    - nova launcher prime
    - zooper widget prime (ocea widget)
    - wallrox (for wallpaper)
    - klwp (live wallpaper, a2k kustom template)

  10. ljfnky

    ljfnky Member Scrap Metal

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    Nexus 5X
    Nexus 5X with Pixel Launcher, Live Earth

    Screenshot_20170320-201041.png Screenshot_20170320-201041.png

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