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HELP! EXT2 partitioned SD card is not readable by laptop

Posted Mar 21, 2017 by naeem_ng

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    Hi there. I'm using a Xiaomi Redmi 1S with 16GB SD card. Previously I had partitioned my SD card with 2nd partition set to FAT type, which I used to link apps to SD card using Link2SD. My SD card could be read fine by my laptop when I plugged it in to my laptop with a USB connector (i.e. I could open both my internal storage as well as external SD card storage). Recently I had to reformat the SD card due to some issues with my phone, and I hence deleted the old partition and created a new 2nd partition in EXT2 format instead. The 2nd partition is readable on my phone and works with Link2SD to link apps to SD card like before, however when I plug into my laptop, I cannot see the SD card storage. I can only see the internal memory storage. Please advise how to fix this, if possible without reformatting, as I am unable to move files to and from the SD card storage if I can't see it. Thank you!

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