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group text of 13 people getting broken into multiple threads of only 10

Posted Aug 16, 2017 by toekneebrayvo

  1. toekneebrayvo

    toekneebrayvo Member Scrap Metal

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    I have been looking at multiple boards looking for a solution to this issue but have found none. I am in a group text with members of my softball team. There are 13 of us, myself included in the group text and are a mix of android and iphone users and one smartphone holdout that uses a flip phone. I will initiate a text to everyone in the group (12 people) and only two other participants' replies go to everyone. Multiple replies come in as separate group texts to only 10 people and it is not always the same 10 people. If everyone responds it can result in up to three different threads going at once with not everyone seeing everyone's replies. I am constantly getting frustrated with this. The iphone users are telling me that that unless it's an ichat that they are limited to 10 people max in a group chat. Is there a way to break through this without people having to switch phones (which is not an option)? I thought about everyone getting a third party app such as WhatsApp but we have the one flip phone guy who is very smartphone resistant. Any suggestions would help.
  2. Luka

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    Samsung Galaxy S8
    WhatsApp or Messenger is the way to go. I get why some people resist smartphones but I also don't see why everyone should suffer just because of that one person.
  3. awalkonthewildside

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    I recommend telegram also as a choice in addition to if you use one of these internet based services not SMS/GSM i recommend also using a zero-log VPN/VPN service as a norm recommendation.

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