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[Free Game] LET'S FALL - a game where kittens won’t stop falling

Posted Aug 16, 2014 by yanndelp

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    Sony Xperia Z2

    We are two passionate graphic designers and are proud to introduce Let's Fall, our 2D endless falling game on Android.



    Discover Let's Fall and try to save these lovely kittens!
    Your mission, avoid obstacles and break all records.
    Share your score with your friends and take the first place on the leaderboards!
    Take a journey through different beautiful locations and choose your character. But you'll need nerves of steel to unlock them all!

    Warning! High-speed and addictive game!


    Adorable Characters!
    Choose among multiple awesome characters that you will unlock along your way. Will you prefer the Cutie kitten or the Evil one, the Badass or the Rock & Roll kitten? And many more are waiting behind...

    Beautiful Backgrounds!
    Unlock new locations, each one as beautiful as the others. Will you choose the calm of the forest, the infernal heat of the volcano, or perhaps the severe cold of the glacier?

    Make the best score, challenge your friends, compare your score with them or with the entire world and try to be the best of the leaderboard. There will be only one first place. Make it yours.

    Multiple Achievements!
    Mastery, dexterity, quickness and patience will help you unlock all the achievements available in Let's Fall. Will you be able to unlock them all?

    Share your Score!
    Share your best score on Facebook or Twitter and unlock new kittens, let your friends know how far you can go and let's see if they can do better.



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