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Does dash charging effect battery lifetime more than Qualcomm/Samsung?

Posted Mar 19, 2017 by AM_SOS

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    How does the much vaunted dash charging of the OnePlus 3T compare with Qualcomm's fast charging when it comes to ensuring a long service life of the battery?

    From what I know heat is the primary enemy of Li-Ion batteries, and dash charge dissipates heat outside the phone and in the charger body. But I've always heard that charging at high current is not a good idea and in fact seriously shortens the battery lifetime (the folks at BatteryUniversity suggest this, and I notice that Apple too uses only 1 A chargers).

    I am planning to buy the recently launched A5 (2017) and am wondering if Samsung adaptive fast charging (with the Exynos) for that phone improves upon the Qualcomm implementation in any way?
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    I don't think so. However the Dash Charging feature used in the OnePlus 3T does keep the battery cool when charging. The best thing to do would be to power off or don't use your device while charging to prevent unneccessary wear and tear on your battery.

    Both Qualcomm's Quick Charge and Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging technology produce heat and operate on similar principles. That said only device's running on Samsung's own range of Exynos SOCs operate fully on their Adaptive Fast Charging tech.
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