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Desperately need help.

Posted May 1, 2017 by Malik zulfiqar

  1. Malik zulfiqar

    Malik zulfiqar Member Scrap Metal

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    hi all. I have a Huawei honour 8. Just tried to rollback from 5.0 to 4.1 simply followed a YouTube video and downloaded a file that said rollback 5.0 to 4.1. It installed the updates as it showed in the YouTube video but now can't go past the google id page. He trouble it doesn't show the keyboard only the google sign and a mic. What went wrong don't know. Any suggestions on how to sort this problem out. Thanks in advance
  2. Namteryker

    Namteryker Member Scrap Metal

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    Maybe the files has lost from your phone , you need to get a idea to find back it now

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