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Clear view cover for Samsung Galaxy A5

Posted Aug 18, 2017 by anita paquette

  1. anita paquette

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    I bought this cover thinking it would protect my phone, the minute I drop my phone, it open because there is 3 sections and my glass shattered, I went to see the store I bought to get refund and the clerk agree it was not a good case, and said they would not sell it to customer, I tried getting a refund and they told me to call the company, I did call and they told me the store is responsible, They are giving me the run around. I just wanted a different case, and plus I had to pay $150 dollars to get a new phone.
    When you are purchasing they are very nice different when you have a problem

    Do not purchase the blue Clear View protectore case for Samsung Galaxy A5

    Anita Paquette

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