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Chat Application Android

Posted Mar 20, 2017 by Shree

  1. Shree

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    I need to develop chat application using android. First of all, need to know which technologies are need to develop the chat application and which are very convenient to user like whatsapp, messanger?
  2. Dev Lt

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    LG g3
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  3. Yuvrajsinh

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    I googled it to find the best answer for you. It was by Steven Hendricks on Quora.

    Here you go:


    The technology stack for any mobile chat app depends on the features you want to add to the app and its purpose. Let’s have a look at the technology stack for Whatsapp, who set the trend for messaging apps to take the next step. The primary reason Whatsapp is successful is because of it’s quick delivery time of it’s messages. There is no lag or any delay.

    Tech-Stack for Whatsapp

    • The Server of Whatsapp is completely implemented in Erlang
    • The database used is mnesia as it is very light and is also the default Erlang database.
    • Whatsapp uses Ejabberd XMPP server which is written in Erlang and is basically used to handle traffic and messages.
    • For storing multimedia files they use YAWS (Yet another web server)
    • FreeBSD operating system was chosen by the Whatsapp developers as Power Servers.
    • Whatsapp uses the Extensive Messaging and Presence protocol technology (XMPP) for the transfer of messages.
    Some apps similar to Whatsapp such as Telegram or kik use Node.js to code their servers instead of Erlang.

    A strong database is of paramount importance especially if you are looking forward to developing an app which can handle multimedia messages. With the above-mentioned criteria in mind, I would like to give an example of ready-made app script called Blaber chat which is a clone script of Whatsapp developed by Agriya. Using this app script, entrepreneurs can instantly develop their own chat app.

    • It is powered by Matrix Synapse server for seamless chatting experience.
    • To enable push notifications Sygnal Server is used.
    • Backend framework is powered by Laurel/Lumen framework.
    • For Compatibility with ios 10 and above Swift/SQlite programming language is used.

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