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Auto enable of Do Not Disturb Mode on Android O gone

Posted Sep 7, 2017 by m.bharathkrishna

  1. m.bharathkrishna

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    Am using Pixel XL and its onto Android O today. Two things that are bothering me are:

    Do Not Disturb mode used to be enabled by default on Nougat during calls and end after call. This was very helpful for me as I don't get disturbed during call. This is gone in Oreo and saddest part is, its not even customized to enable it. Does anyone know how to enable this?

    I used to mute and unmute via ear phone button on call, but now clicking this button would disconnect the call.

    Very unhelpful changes for a day to day user.

    Any comments/suggestions on this?
  2. Akpatel067

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    Google Pixel, Moto G4 plus
    In android Oreo 8.0, silence your device with Do Not Disturb settings. It will helpful to total silence noise such as alarms, device won't vibrate or make sound when get call, message or notification. Also not listen sounds from music, video, games or other media.

    But during a phone call, you will still be able to hear the other person voice. This is one of the best option for DND in android 8.0 Oreo.

    Settings > Sound > Do not disturb preferences

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