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[AROMA INSTALLER] wrong portrait touch input

Posted Feb 22, 2018 by marnix409

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    I'm trying to flash the dualbootutilities zip (aroma installer) that came with DualBootPatcher, available for the samsung Galaxy Tab 3 lite (T113/T116 7.0 600x1024) in order to switch my roms within recovery.

    On the T113/T116, the recovery is displayed in landscape mode, same goes for the aroma installer.

    Unfortunately, the touch input is set to portrait mode in aroma installer.. which causes the buttons to malfunction.

    Does anyone know of any way to rotate the aroma installer 90 degrees, or might this be caused by the kernel? (TWRP is also in landscape mode, but the touch buttons are also in landscape mode)

    Thanks in advance!

    P.s: I'm not looking for an easy way, there probably won't be one..

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