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Android Lenovo Tablet Update Error Message

Posted Sep 10, 2017 by Ryan Schambers

  1. Ryan Schambers

    Ryan Schambers Member Scrap Metal

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    I am not able to turn off my device or boot it up. The error message is this while installing system update:

    "Opening update package...
    Signature verification failed
    Installation aborted."

    It keeps flashing this message every few seconds. Not sure how to fix this issue, happened after I did a system update.
  2. peter11star

    peter11star Well-Known Member Protocol Droid

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    Galaxy s8, Nvidia Shield K1, Nexus Player, Lg G Watch Urbane, Samsung Gear fit 2
    Is there a way you could factory reset it? That might be the only way of being able to get your tablet back to working normal.

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