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AA Boot Animation

Posted Aug 22, 2015 by Akash Jain

  1. Akash Jain

    Akash Jain Moderator Sentient Droid HAL

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    Hello everyone, I have created a boot animation of AA.
    Check out how it looks here, Preview
    Want it, download it from here, download
    Special thanks to @Luka for helping me get the AA intro video.
    Note: Neither me nor AA is responsible if anything wrong happens to your device by doing the things which have been mentioned below. You are yourself responsible if anything wrong happens to your device. Proceed at your own risk.
    Here are the instructions on how to use it,
    1. Download the zip file from the link above.
    2. Copy it to your phone.
    3. Open a file explorer which has root permissions, I used ES File Explorer
    4. Move the zip file you have downloaded to the location where your old is located. Mostly it is located in /system/media
    Give it the permission as rw-rw-r-- , after doing this the permissions window must look like this,
    6. Now reboot your phone and enjoy the new boot animation.

    The boot animation is in the resolution of 720x1280 running on 30fps.
    If you use a device with a different resolution, the animation may be centered or some of its parts will cut off. So, now I will be teaching you how to change the resolution of this images.
    1. Download Faststone Photo re sizer
    2. Extract the files of the which you downloaded before.
    3. Copy each and every images of part0, part1 and part2 to a new folder.
    4. Open Faststone Photo Resizer.
    5. Browse to the folder where you stored all the images. Now select add all.
    6. Click on advanced options and enter your screen width and height there.
    7. Click OK and now change the file name starts from to 0.
    8. Set the location where you will store all the images. Click on convert.
    9. After everything has completed make a new folder, make 3 new folders in that folder. The name of the 3 folder will be, part0, part1 and part2 respectively.
    10. Now open the folder where you stored the re sized images and select the first 99 images, cut them and paste in the part0 folder.
    11. Now select all the remaining images except the last one and move them to part1 folder and move the last remaining image to part2 folder.
    12. Now copy the desc.txt file which we had extracted at the beginning of the process. Copy it in to the folder you have created part0, part1, and part 2 folders
    13. Open the desc.txt file and then enter the resolution of the device. Replace '720' with your screen's width and '1280' with your screen's height. Now save it.
    14. And the last step is to make the archive. Use any archving program and create a zip file and use the compression method store. Name the zip file as
    15. Copy it to phone using the process mentioned at the top.

    Hope you all like it !!:):) If you have any kind of query, just ask me here.
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  2. Nirave Gondhia

    Nirave Gondhia Team AA Staff Member Team AA

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    15+ including Note 5, Priv, Nexus 6p, Honor 5X, Mate 8, LG V10, 950 XL, iPhone 6S & more.
    Good job, love it!
  3. Akash Jain

    Akash Jain Moderator Sentient Droid HAL

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    Hey guys, added a loading wheel to the boot animation. Check out it's preview here and you can download it from here. Instructions on using it are above. Hope you all like it.:)
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015

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