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4k Compatible PC

Posted May 31, 2014 by Fahim

  1. Fahim

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    i'm trying to upgrade in to 4k setup, i was wondering if there any 4k Compatible PC ? let me know by names of the PC or comment with the Link where i can get from Amazon, Newegg or Bestbuy or any another site
  2. AveragerootedANDROIDuser

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    A computer is only compatible with 4k if the processor is fast enough, if its graphic card supports 4k resolution video and in pre-built setups from some manufactures you don't always get jaw-dropping performance from every piece of hardware inside .

    You should properly upgrade to a Apple's Mac Pro or put together a custom PC build with hardware you think can handle 4k video.
  3. XtreamSignature

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    Well, if you want a customizable computer without any budget, you can visit for 4K computers. An Apple Mac Pro costs US$2,999 to US$3,999 depending on specs but has Dual AMD FirePro D300/D500 which can hold 4K viewing so if the computers in Chillblast is too expensive for your opinion, the Mac Pro could be your cup of tea, for its great power and abilities. But remember to get a 4K moniter!
  4. imS0ul

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    For 4k, you just need a graphics card powerful enough to handle it, and with Display Port 1.2, because most 4K monitors are only compatible with this version, as it is capable of a higher data bandwidth. And be careful with the 4K monitor you buy. Most monitors run @ 30 Hz, and if you're going to game on it, it will ruin your experience.
    The best 4K monitor in the market right now (or at least the one I think it is the best one) is this one:
  5. Ed Briggs

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    Here's a video from Tekzilla with Patrick Norton showing off a sweet 4k gaming PC. He also gives specifics about what parts are being used. Fast forward the video to 18:45 if you want to skip right to the review.

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