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  1. Hello guys, my phone is stuck on "Android is Upgrading" and i cannot flash it because it has Re-activation lock. Any Solutions?
  2. Dabbing on 'em haters! :D
  3. Hola saludos a toda la comunidad
  4. Hello Friends! How are you all?
  5. Hey, I just applied for a editor or personality for android authority. excited to see what happens. :D
  6. Android Galaxy s4 Mini I9192 Restarting over and over. Help.
  7. Hi friends, I am using iBall Slide 3G Q45 ,earlier it was supported my sd card. now not getting read. pls let me know how to fix it .
  8. Or buy Huawei?
  9. Can I choose Samsung?
  10. I have a plan to buy phone. However, I am still confused which brand will buy. Can you suggest one. Thanks guys!
  11. I have been looking for Spy App, I have little experience with XNSPY. Can anyone suggest me about this app or other?
  12. Which is the best smartwatch on the market these days?
  13. Iphone 8 is giving edge to edge display is it true? whats your call to this sentence?
  14. What is Main features in new iphone 8?
  15. I Want To know About Main Functionality of Android 8.0
  16. Hello all, LG volt LS740 boost mobile. Previous owner says he rooted and crashed the gapps. No permissions for 3rd party apps. Help please.
  17. which one i choose redmi note 4 or mi A1?
  18. Hello World, I come from EtradeSupply company, which supply phone spare parts and have a warehouse in Hongkong and Dallas.
  19. Moto X4 Superb under mid-range category
  20. Hello I am looking for help with my S5 Samsung . I have tried all the suggestions for fixing the microphone which has stopped.