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Two new Samsung commercials showcase Note 4 features

Two new Samsung Note 4 commercials have arrived, showcasing the S-Pen and the device's QHD display.
October 8, 2014

Samsung advertisements tend to range from totally off the wall to nothing more than a competition bash-athon. Once in a while though, they get just about everything right and deliver ads truly worth watching.

To be fair it’s not just Samsung, most tech companies seem to produce commercials that really tell us absolutely nothing about the product being advertised, instead resorting to singing, dancing or competition insulting. So what makes a good commercial? In my opinion, something that is either fun and humorous to watch, or something that actually showcases the product.

Not too long ago Samsung started the “do you note” campaign with a semi-funny little ad that had two guys replacing nearly every word with “note”. And now here’s two commercials that may not be witty or fun, but they do a solid job of showcasing important Note features. In the ad on the top, they take us through some of the S-Pen functions. The ad directly below shows off the QHD screen — or as they call it, a “window”.

What do you think of Samsung’s latest ads, and their advertising in general? Let us know in the comments below.