What is Commandr?

Commandr is the best thing to happen to Google Now since Google Now and yes that is a statement directly from the demo video linked above. This nifty application allows you to use the Note to Self feature in Google Now to issue all sorts of commands that allow for voice control outside of the norm for Google Now. In other words, it extends the functionality with Google Now without the use of things like root access or modifications to Google Now.

Here’s how it works. There are a number of built-in commands along with a request form. Using these commands you can do things like turn on or off your WiFi, Bluetooth, flashlight, GPS, and other system toggles. You can also use it to take control of your music player by saying things like next song, previous song, pause music, or resume music. The request form is there for you to send recommendations to the developer to add more commands later.

Along with the built-in commands, Commandr also has Tasker support so you can extend the functionality even further to do almost anything you can imagine. In the video above, the guy uses Commandr with Google Now and Tasker to turn on his ceiling fan. So things like home automation are also possible. Once you get it set up, you just use Google Now voice commands to use Commandr.

In order to use it, you’ll have to start each command with, “Note to self.” That’s how Commandr uses Google Now. So you would say, “Note to self, turn off WiFi.” That would turn off the WiFi. Using the aforementioned Tasker integration, you can literally make your device do anything with voice commands and that’s pretty special. If you include the new functionality Google Now just added with the ability to use Okay, Google on any screen and with the screen off when your phone is charging then you’re looking at a much more complete experience overall. We thought that was pretty special.

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It is to Google Now what the Iron Man suit is to Tony Stark.


Adds much needed functionality to Google Now.
With Tasker integration, you can make voice commands that do literally whatever you want.
It's free!
No root required.
Simple permissions. This app just needs the mic. It uses Google Now's permissions to control your phone.
Easy to use once you get it set up.


There have been bugs reported across the spectrum so you may have issues using Commandr.
Tasker integration is great, but learning how to use Tasker is a real pain for many people.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is definitely something that’s worth trying out. It has its issues but if you can get it working then the upside far outweighs the downside. Even if you choose not to use the occasionally complicated Tasker integration, this is still a must have application for anyone who uses Google Now religiously. If you don’t, this app may be that push you needed to start using Google Now religiously. It’s free, so give it a try!

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