Since news broke that Comcast and Time Warner Cable were trying to merge, Comcast has been extremely busy trying to confuse convince Washington, D.C. that a merger would be somehow good for consumers. Knowing that every move they make at the moment is under the microscope, Comcast has been on a good-will mission of sorts by releasing information on upcoming new technology due out in 2014-2015.

Recently, Comcast announced that those customers on their  X1 platform would be receiving new features such as the ability to stream personal videos from their mobile devices over the web to the television screen. Comcast points out that an additional feature to this may be one’s ability to send personal videos to someone else’s TV. The feature isn’t due out until 2015.

Comcast released information detailing specific upgrades that they have planned:

  • Live video streams shown in tiles for the last nine channels that were viewed
  • Talking user interface called Voice Guidance
  • Personal, prioritized guide with individualized settings for which networks show up on screen first;
  • Instant-on-demand feature that allows viewers to watch select programs on demand immediately after the live program starts airing on broadcast, and notification badges on the program guide that show which content is available through VoD.