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CoinKeeper: Tracking cash flow and expenses in a fun and intuitive way

June 25, 2012

Money is an important aspect of human life. We use money to transact business by exchanging it for goods and services. We use our money to pay our rent, fill our tummies, buy our clothes, pay our monthly plan, fill the fridge with groceries, pay our medical bills, and a lot more things crucial to daily living.

Aside from fulfilling our human needs, we also use our money to reward ourselves by fulfilling our wants such as buying a new Android smartphone or having a massage. That is why we need to keep track and monitor the flow of our money. We don’t want to end up fulfilling all our wants while having to cut off our budget for meals or daily rent. There are a variety of money managing apps on the Google Play Store, but the CoinKeeper app allured me with its simple to use and fun user interface.

CoinKeeper: Expense Tracking helps you monitor and control the flow of money. What makes this app special is that it features a unique user interface that makes managing your money fun and easy. Using this app lets you drag and drop coins to monitor and keep track of your money flow.

Opening the app for the first time, you will be prompted if you want the app to calculate your monthly budget based on your monthly salary, or if you want to manually make your own budget plan.

For automatic calculation, you will first need to type in your monthly income. The app will then formulate a monthly budget for your food, groceries, medical bills, and all the things that you need. You can also do it manually if you want to base your budget on the things that you need most.

Once you have selected your budget plan, you will need to create an account. Accounts are where you keep your money such as your wallet or the bank. Just tap the Add Account tab to add a new account. You will need to name an account, the coin icon, the balance, and the currency for that account. Once done, tap the Done button to create the account.

With an account created, you can now drag and drop coins from your Salary tab into one of your accounts. For instance, if you received your monthly salary and kept it in your wallet, just drag the respective icon from the Salary tab and drop it to your wallet account. You will also need to identify the amount you transferred to a specific account. You can also add another icon from the Salary tab if you have additional sources of income.

From your respective accounts, you can also drag the icon to the expense icons below. For instance, if you bought some groceries, drag the icon from the Account tab and drop it into the expenses icon for groceries.

Below each expenses icon, you can find figures such as $0/16. $0 is the total money you have spent on that particular expense icon, while the $16 is the allotted budget for that icon. If you have exceeded the allotted budget, the expense icon will turn red, indicating that you need to slow down with your expenses.

Let’s not forget about your wants and desires on your budget plan. The app allows you to create financial goals such as buying a new Android smartphone or buying a new house. To create a goal, just tap the Add Goal button.

You will then give a name of that goal, choose an icon, how much it will cost to attain that goal, and the currency. If you have some extra pennies from your monthly budget, put them in your piggy bank to fulfill your goals.

The app can also summarize your monthly expenses on a colorful and attractive pie chart. For multiple devices, the app can also backup and sync your budget plan, making them accessible to multiple Android devices.

What are you waiting for? Download the CoinKeeper: Expense Tracking app and enjoy a 15-day trial period. Will you use the CoinKeeper: expense tracking app to monitor your monthly expenses? What do you think of its cool and intuitive user interface?