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Deal: Code on the go with Codeanywhere

Save 58% on a one-year Codeanywhere subscription. Take code with you and work on it anywhere with anyone for just $49.99.
October 23, 2019
Codeanywhere subscription

As a developer, you can’t always be at your workstation. Luckily, Codeanywhere was created especially to fit that need. Today is your opportunity to get a one-year subscription and code wherever you please for the promotional price of just $49.99.

Codeanywhere is a cloud-based development environment that makes it easier than ever to bring your project with you. If you find yourself with a few minutes waiting for a train, you can code. Waiting in line at the DMV? You can work on your code there too.

Support for over 75 programming languages.

Codeanywhere features support for over 75 different programming languages, so it’s easier to work on almost any project. In addition to language support, there are autocomplete capabilities to make even the most tedious code fly from your fingers.

If you aren’t looking to work on your code but you want to ask your friends for help with it, Codeanywhere is great for that too. You can pair program with ease or work on it as a team for the best results.

Codeanywhere highlights:

  • Connect to your code with FTP, Dropbox, and Google Drive.
  • Run commands from your container or remote servers.
  • View different versions of your code to pinpoint disparities.
  • Choose from predefined dev stacks.
  • Work from a browser, iOS, or any Android device.

With the benefits of Codeanywhere, you can jump right into code whenever you need to. Unlimited shares and stack usage help you to finetune your code with ease.

A one-year subscription retails for $120, but this is an opportunity to save 58% and get yours for only $49.99. If you’re into Codeanywhere for the long term you can save big on three-year and five-year subscriptions as part of this promotion too.

The coding fever can hit any time, but this deal is due to end soon. Hit the button below and get coding on the go.

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