Out on the prowl for an Android tablet with some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness, but can’t really afford to spend more than a hundred bucks? Worry not, as today seems to be the perfect day to shop for tabs priced like alarm clocks.

We told you about Gardner’s new GoTab 6-incher, ready to start selling in the UK for around $95, and now we have an even more affordable option for you. Meet the $79.99 7-inch Coby Kyros MID7033.

The Kyros MID7033 is not a brand new tablet, being up for grabs for several months now, but starting today it’s available via Amazon for 27% off the initial list price of $109.99. The 7-incher is available in two different models, with the higher-end version (MID7035) being discounted even more generously, from an initial $149.99 price to just $94.24 (that’s no less than 37% off).

There’s only one difference between the two variants, but it’s a pretty major one. The $80 tablet sports a 7-inch resistive touchscreen with an 800 x 480 resolution, while the $94 one comes with a capacitive display with the same resolution.

Aside from that, both slates are powered by single-core 1GHz Fujitsu A110 processors and 512MB of RAM, running Android 4.0 ICS out of the box. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich’s treats at a maximum, because Coby’s tabs don’t offer Google Play access, but only access to the GetJar Marketplace, “the world’s largest free app store”.

The two Kyros slates weigh in at 10.4 ounces (294 grams) and measure just 0.5 inches in depth, being equipped with 4GB of on-board memory, but also with microSD support, USB 2.0, accelerometers, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity.

There’s no Bluetooth or GPS support, while the battery is pretty much a mystery, being listed both by Amazon and Coby’s official website as a rechargeable lithium-polymer unit without any mention about its capacity. A couple of Amazon reviewers claim that the battery life is “good”, but we wouldn’t expect more than three or four hours of “juice” on a single charge.

You can find the Kyros tabs many faults if you want to be picky, but, despite the modest spec sheets and lack of Google Play support, you’ll probably have a very hard time in finding better options for such low prices. That said, if money’s your only real concern, go over to Amazon and take advantage of the new special deal while you still have the chance.