CNN and Nokia released this week a software app to make news more easily accessible to Nokia E7 smartphone users around the world. The CNN App for Nokia is currently available as a free download from Ovi Store. Apps for more Nokia models (e.g., Nokia C7, Nokia N8, and Nokia C6-01) are already in the works and will be released in the coming weeks.

Although the Nokia E7 does not run on Android, CNN’s app for it has features exactly the same as CNN’s apps for Android tablets and phones.

CNN has published separate versions of the official CNN for Android app–one specifically for Android phones, the other specifically for Android tablets. Both versions are downloadable for free from Android Market. According to app developers, the Android app for tablets requires at least Android 3.0 Honeycomb, while the one for Android phones requires at least Android 2.1 Eclair.

CNN’s Android and Nokia E7 apps allow users to read text news, view recent events on video and in photos, as well as keep tab on the latest news as it breaks out.

The apps likewise encourage smartphone or tablet users to interactively participate in news reporting via iReport, CNN’s community site whose content is contributed and maintained by users.

With the CNN apps and smartphones’ built-in cameras, users can easily take photos of news as it happens and instantly send off the story to iReport via the software app.

The apps also make it more convenient for news readers to comment on the news and interact with other news readers.

The Android-phone version of the CNN app behaves a bit differently from the app for Android tablets. According to CNN, users of the app for Android smartphones can watch newsbreak videos live, receive news notifications on the homescreen, create custom widgets for headlines, and listen to CNN Radio broadcasts.

On the other hand, users of the CNN app for Android tablets can enjoy more interactive participation through iReport, set up custom widgets for more convenient access to interesting content, watch streaming newscasts of breaking stories, and comment on news stories or share their opinions.

Do you use the CNN App for your Nokia E7 or your Android tablet/phone? If so, which of the app features are your favorite? Share your stories in the comments section.