This is starting to get crazy. And ridiculous. Amazon has scheduled a special unveiling event for September 6, and, even with a few days to go, we still have no idea what the Kindle Fire makers will bring to the public attention.

We know that we are in for a treat, we know that at least one Kindle Fire 2 tablet is to be unveiled, but rumors keep contradicting one another on the gadget(s)’ specs and features, starting with the display diagonal size.

We’ve been reporting on “inside” reports, leaks and speculations on the matter ever since last spring, and pretty much each one said a different thing. We’ve had people saying there’ll be only one new 7-incher unveiled, a 7- and a 10-incher, just a 10-incher, two 7-inchers and even a 10-, two 7- and one 8.9-inchers.

The latest rumor is that Amazon has temporarily put on hold its 10-inch tablet plans and will look to focus on resisting the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini challenges. And as legit as that sounds… wait for it… it seems that not one, but two new 7-inch Kindle Fires are coming.

CNET is the source of this new report, so that’s one solid reason to buy the story. Then again, the rumor mill is grinding again after the testimony of an unnamed “person” who has supposedly “seen the products”, so I think that coin flipping scenario can be brought back on the table.

Assuming that the “person” is not bluffing though, let’s see what “he” has to say about the two tablets. The first of the duo will only be a “slightly revamped version of the original tablet” with a new user interface and a lower pricing point than the first Kindle Fire (possibly $150).

That doesn’t sound very exciting, but the second 7-incher does. This should supposedly come with a faster processor, a camera (probably a front-facing one matching Nexus 7’s), physical volume controls, an HDMI port and larger storage capacity (still non-expandable though).

CNET’s source has no intel on this puppy’s pricing, which will probably depend on the exact upgrades Amazon is planning. If this version of the Fire 2 were to come with a quad-core CPU, that, alongside the HDMI connection, camera and higher storage, will surely raise the bar to at least $250.

As far as branding goes, the publication also has nothing to report just yet, so we don’t know if the two tablets will get different names or they’ll be called something like the Fire 2 and the Fire 2 Pro. Finally, Amazon’s 10-incher is still expected to come sooner or later, but for the time being the Nexus 7 menace is much more important than the temptation to go after the iPads.

All in all, I’m still not sure whether this report is more trustworthy than others that are saying very different things, but fortunately we shouldn’t bother with speculations and assumptions for much longer. September 6 is around the corner and rumors will finally stop then.

What do you think? How many new tablets will Amazon unveil, when and how will these be specced?