When the official software update well has dried up, one can always rely on the developer community to keep one’s device less ancient-like. We know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 won’t make it past Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but it doesn’t mean owners of the Tab can’t get a taste of Jelly Bean.

If you have been longing for some nightlies on your Tab 10.1, you can start the New Year with a bang, as CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies have finally arrived on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and its many variants.

Here’s your chance to breathe a new life into your Tab 10.1 with some stock Android 4.2 goodies, such as multiple user accounts and quick settings, as well as features you can expect to see from CyanogenMod. The CM 10.1 nightlies are now up for grabs for the WiFi, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Tab 10.1v models of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Provided you know that the nightly build is likely to contain some bugs, though nothing too significant to keep it from becoming a daily driver, hit the links above to start flashing. Let us know how life’s like on the bleeding edge in the comments below.

Bams Sadewo

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