The guys behind CyanogenMod have been working hard to get CM 10.1 (based on the Android 4.2 branch) on as many devices as possible. Now, the first builds are available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE.

As of now, the ¬†builds are being marked as ‘EXPERIMENTAL-buildtest’, which means that it is not quite ready to be used as a daily driver and certain things might be broken. Do not be surprised if Bluetooth/Wifi does not work for the first few nightlies. However, this means that this device is being actively worked on and the problems should not persist for much longer. Also, you may see an uptick in other development as third parties take the CM source code for the Note 2 and start tweaking it and building other CM-based ROMs as well.

This build should work on the International, AT&T, and T-Mobile version of the phablet. If you ave unlocked your bootloader already, I highly recommend giving CM a try; I am using it as my daily driver on my Nexus 4 and am greatly enjoying it. Click on the source links to see the update on CyanogenMod’s G+ page or to download the build for yourself from (t0lte).

Tanay Sood
Tanay is a sophomore at Rutgers University studying Business Analytics and Information Technology. A veteran prowler of the XDA forums, his current phone of choice is Nexus 4. You will usually find him scouring the web for new ROM's to flash or new sitcoms to watch.