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Cloudpipes for Dropbox: Scheduling filtered file and folder syncs to or from Dropbox

July 13, 2012

Armed with a powerful Dropbox browser, Cloudpipes for Dropbox (beta) is capable of downloading or uploading whole folders at once. You can create pipes that would automatically link a remote Dropbox folder to a folder on your device so that you can choose which Dropbox files or folder go where on your phone storage. More than that, you can schedule the app to automatically upload, download, and transfer certain files whenever you like.

The app runs independently of the official Dropbox app for Android, so all you need to do in order to access your Dropbox content is to allow the app to access your cloud data. By doing so, you can play around the automation and the scheduling aspect of Cloudpipes.

The moment you log in, three tabs will be displayed on your screen: Pipes, Dropbox, and Transfers. Pipes displays all scheduled tasks made via Cloudpipes. It will also display the specific upload or download task that you scheduled at a certain time. You can choose the source and destination of a file and even choose the mode of operation. In other words, you’re given the chance to choose whether or not you’d like to copy a file to a certain location, or move it to the location altogether.

A good thing about the app is it allows you to take control of your schedule by letting you alter your own created pipe. For instance, if you have scheduled a transfer of your files from your Dropbox to your Android device every 5:00 A.M., you can always change the schedule of the activity any time you like. You may even execute all tasks at once by simply clicking on the Menu button, and selecting Execute All.

Cloudpipes also has its file filter feature which allows you to easily categorize files according to extension and/or size. Meaning, you can easily transfer all ZIP files to another location.

The app provides several options. You may set Cloudpipes to transfer data over Wi-Fi or while you’re charging your device. Moreover, it also provides status bar notifications for Cloudpipes activities.

Whether you’re a person who needs to schedule your daily activities or someone who simply wants a hassle-free day, Cloudpipes will be a great help for you.

It is important to note that the app is still in its beta version and it can only add up to 4 pipes in any instance. Nevertheless, it has been tested by developers and is proven to work.

Cloudpipes for Dropbox offers you greater convenience in your Dropbox experience.  Check it out from the Google Play Store.