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CloudMagic Email app - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is called CloudMagic. CloudMagic is an awesome email app that lets you do more than just check your email. Check it out!
April 10, 2014

What is CloudMagic Email?

indie app of the day
CloudMagic Email is a newer email application that packs quite the punch. Not only does it support multiple emails from the top email providers, but it also has some features baked in under the hood to help with productivity and CloudMagic has a decent design to boot. Also, it’s free and free is always a good thing.

The first thing you’ll notice about the app are the immense number of accounts that are available. You can sign in with your Microsoft account (both Outlook and Office 365), Google account, iCloud, Exchange, and any IMAP service you can think of. This is perfect for those who have emails from a number of different providers and need them under one roof. Once you sign in, you can view a combined inbox that shows all mail for every email or individual accounts by selecting them from the slide-out menu on the left.

The controls are pretty basic and mimic the official Gmail app to an extent. You can long press to select one email then short press to select multiples once you’re in that mode. Once in an email there are control buttons on the top right of the email page much like Gmail. There is support for landscape mode on devices and tablet support as well should you need something with those kind of features. In terms of sheer email use, CloudMagic keeps it simple but highly functional which is one of its biggest strengths.

CloudMagic also comes with some pretty nifty plugins baked in. They call them “cards” and they can be accessed by clicking on the square icon in any email (to the left of the reply button). With these cards you can interact with other applications without leaving your email. For instance, you can put links from emails into Pocket if you use that. You can also interface with apps like the venerable Evernote, ZenDesk, Trello, and others. This is extremely handy if you use those tools regularly to quickly turn your emails into other things that you can use later. The list of cards available is actually quite extensive and they’ll likely be adding more because you can email them to suggest apps to turn into cards.

What’s wrong with this app?

The design is highly functional but it is a tad bland. There are small, colored lines next to each email address and some colorful UI elements here and there but a massive percentage of the app is gray. Some have suggested adding a dark theme or even a light theme and we agree that would’ve been nice. Also, users have reported some smaller issues like not having access to the Spam folder (where important emails end up sometimes), inability to copy email addresses from some parts of the app, and other very minor issues. Nothing overly important but depending on how you use your email, they could be a little annoying.


Final thoughts

Overall, this is a very solid email app. The design is a tad bland but it is highly functional which kind of balances things out. The card system is brilliant and people who integrate a lot of their productivity into Android apps like Evernote, Trello, and Pocket will see an immediate benefit from switching over.

It does have its small issues here and there but there really is nothing that’s so wrong with this app that we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s solid, it supports the most popular email clients, and has a few very unique features that you don’t see anywhere else. If you want to try it out, click the button below!

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