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Never lose another image, idea, or conversation with CloudApp

CloudApp is the instant storage and sharing system used by the big dogs in the industry. They pay big bucks, but this promo makes it accessible to everyday users.
March 2, 2018

In 2018 business is done in the cloud. It’s not just for storage anymore, the biggest companies use the cloud for communications, transactions, and training. More specifically, they use CloudApp.

If you’re just hearing the name. CloudApp is an all-inclusive platform for capturing, annotating, and sharing anything from screenshots and GIFs to screen video recordings. It’s a way of seamlessly communicating with your team and managing your business flow online. Honestly, the video above demonstrates how intuitive it is better than we ever could with words. Give it an ogle

What do you mean by ‘The biggest companies’?

Here’s a shortlist for you:

These guys lean on CloudApp’s robust features to keep their global businesses flowing with seamless communication.

“CloudApp is the fastest way to capture and share anything,”
~Maxime Prades of Zendesk

It really is the cloud sharing mechanism of Silicon Valley. But even if your operation is just you and a friend starting out, CloudApp is the ideal platform on which to base your business. And at just $30 for lifetime access, it’s hardly an investment that will trouble your balance sheet.

CloudApp at a glance:

  • Screen capture GIFs, HD screen recordings, & screenshots directly to a shareable link
  • Integrate with Slack, HipChat, JIRA, Zendesk, Github, & hundreds of others to complete unify your workflow
  • Annotate screen captures with fast precision
  • Control who accesses the content you share & for how long with advanced share settings
  • Search for your screen captures in a single simple interface
  • Get the insights you need with analytics of who has viewed your drops from where, & other detailed stats
  • Customize your drop screen to ensure everyone who visits your screen captures has a good experience

This offer over at TechDeals is the team subscription for two users. On CloudApp’s site, this is equivalent to $18 per month, but right now you get a lifetime subscription for $30. So you get permanent service for less than two months’ billing. To put that into perspective, if you use it for five years, you’re saving a cool $1,050.

Want to learn more? Take advantage while the offer lasts by hitting the button.

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