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Clickfree Backup for backing up phone data to SD card or cloud storage

May 23, 2012

Have you been looking high and low for a data backup solution? The trusted and award-winning Clickfree Backup is now available on Android, giving users an automatic data backup service. This app is the all-in-one solution to your back up needs, whether for online or local data backup. It’s also able to preview almost every file type that you may wish to backup. Aside from serving your backup needs, it also has other extra features. Read on to learn more about Clickfree Backup.

Clickfree Backup is a known and a trusted name if you’re talking about easy and effective data back up/restore solutions for Windows and Mac devices.  Though there are quite a number of data backup applications available for Android, Clickfree Backup wishes to get a slice of the Android user pie by coming up with this new app.

Main Features

Most of Clickfree Backup’s features are dedicated to the purpose of securing your important phone content without hassle. The app provides you with two back up options: you can back up your data to your SD card, but if that’s not enough, you can also back up to cloud storage via Dropbox.

Though it’s for automatic backup, you still need to select what files you wish to back up and specify if you want to save the files to your SD card or via cloud storage.

Clickfree also supports multi-device back up, where you can use the same SD card to back app several devices that you own, letting you find all your important files in one place in case you needed them.

The app also features a multi-category back up, allowing you to back up different file types, may they be photos, music, videos, documents, bookmarks, contacts, calendars, or your apps.

Once you have already secured a back up of an app, Clickfree Backup allows you to easily restore them in a flash. You can also do this to other data contents, thanks to the Easy Restore feature, where you can restore backed up contents with just two taps.

Though you can choose the file types that you wish to back up, that’s as far as you can get because the app doesn’t allow you to specify which individual files you want to back up. For instance, the app allows you to include videos in the back up process, but it doesn’t allow you to specify which videos; instead it will back up all the video files on your phone.

Extra Features

Aside from the essential backup features of the app, it also has a few extra features of its own. Clickfree Backup has a built in photo viewer where you can easily view the photos and images that you have already backed up from your phone.

Then, there’s the built-in music and video player, allowing you to watch or listen to your favorite videos and tracks. And, to help you out in your decision where to back up/restore your data, the app has a Space Management feature which helps you calculate the required space to restore/back up.

So if you want an app that automatically backs up all your precious mobile content, Clickfree Backup has got you covered. Try the app and see for yourself. You can download Clickfree Backup for free from the Google Play Store.

What other Android phone data backup features are you looking for in an Android backup application?