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Deal: Take control of your inbox with Clean Email

Be the executive of your email with ease. A Clean Email subscription is available from just $9.99.
October 23, 2019

Clean Email User interface

The other week I spent too much time cleaning out 14,000 random emails from my inboxes. I’m not proud of it, but my inbox is thanking me. If I had a Clean Email subscription, however, it never would have been a problem. You can sign up now for as little as $9.99.

Clean Email uses strict rules and filters to organize your emails by subject quickly. Instead of trying to search for updates from Android Authority, you can find them nicely grouped together in one folder. Clean Email is also fully verified as compliant with Google’s privacy requirements.

Tell spam to scram with just a click.

If you’re looking for a way to tell spam to scram, Clean Email makes that easy too. You can block accounts and companies with a single click. If you’re stuck on a bunch of lists you don’t even read you can use the smart unsubscribe feature and clean out the clutter.

You can choose from pre-built smart views to sort your inbox easily. These views compartmentalize your emails to help you look at one topic at a time. You can see your business emails and your top senders and save social media notifications for later without temptation.

Clean Email highlights:

  • Combine emails into one easy-to-manage screen.
  • Explore simplified smart views for your inbox.
  • Apply custom rules and filters to your incoming emails.
  • Unsubscribe from lists quickly with Smart Unsubscribe.
  • Build specific lists for family and coworkers as needed.

You waste a lot of time sorting emails, but you really shouldn’t have to. Trust me, it took nearly an hour to go through all of mine. I could have spent that hour on important things like Netflix or surfing Tech Deals.

A Clean Email lifetime subscription has a retail value of over $950, but this is a chance to get it for just $29.99. How often can you save 96% off retail while saving hours of precious time?

Don’t want to commit for life? A one-year subscription to Clean Email is also on offer for just $9.99.

This is a limited time deal, so hit the button and take back control of your inbox.

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