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Claystone Launcher: 3D homescreen launcher for easy feeds and app access

July 31, 2012

As the number of things we store on our phones continues to grow, the more we are inclined to find something that can help us browse everything easily. Sure, we can flip through each page of content but that’ll take forever. Instead of wasting precious time, speed up your browsing experience with Claystone Launcher version 2.0.

Termed as the first-ever tandem launcher available for Android devices, Claystone Launcher 2.0 allows you to simultaneously use it with your phone’s standard launcher. The good thing is, you don’t have to scroll through various homescreens or even worry about extensive fiddling just to shift from Claystone back to your standard homescreen launcher. All you need to do is to tap the Home button twice to switch.

Claystone Launcher 2.0’s major function is that of arranging and organizing the content on your phone. Everything you need is organized in a 3D homescreen, allowing you to scroll up and down categories. A variety of shortcuts to some of your Android apps, like email, camera, and messaging, are also displayed on the screen.

Options that will be displayed on the screen include Apps and Videos featured on Amazon, Contacts, Facebook Walls and friends, and top stories taken from the world of science, sports, and politics.

The launcher will also give you a fun way of browsing your contacts. All contacts, including all online content, will be displayed in the form of cards and you can scroll through them. Below each contact card, you can find the call, email, and message buttons, which you can use to easily get in touch with that particular contact. Your online categories, on the other hand, will display a search bar for easy searching.

You’ll keep on top of the latest news with the top stories category that it displays on the main screen. Stories could range from hard news to fashion or lifestyle news. To read the full content of the top stories, all you have to do is tap the specific icon with the story’s summary and you’ll automatically be brought to the the page where you can read the full article.

The app also has integrated Amazon content which offers a more accessible way to check for latest videos and apps. With the swipe of a finger, everything will be presented to you. If you scroll up to the topmost part of the launcher, you’ll see the Preferences stack, which allows you to set your wallpaper, and the More Stacks card, which allows you to set or unset stacks to be shown on the homescreen.

If you’re thinking of enjoying fresh virtual animations matched with a fast and ultra-convenient way of accessing your phone’s content, then Claystone Launcher is a must-have homescreen launcher.