Those of you who like to work in style would probably jump on the opportunity to have a smartphone companion that is not only pretty and light, but also just as functional as a laptop. This is where the ClamBook comes into play – an attractive-looking laptop shell that allows you to hook up your Android phone (or iPhone) via a MHL cable to get the big screen computing experience.

Alongside the sleek aluminum design, the ClamBook (made by case specialist ClamCase) has a full-sized QWERTY keyboard, multi-touch trackpad for all the pinching, zooming, and swiping ability you’ll ever need, dedicated Android keys, and an LED backlit display with 16:9 ratio. But that’s about all you’ll find on the ClamBook, because everything else will be supplied by your smartphone.

The ClamBook uses integrated MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link ) technology that can transfer digital video and audio, and power the smartphone at the same time. You can run your apps, view pictures, watch videos, type documents, and browse the web on the ClamBook’s widescreen display, without worrying that it will drain your phone’s battery.

Full compatibility with Motorola’s Webtop is also promised, which means you’ll get to run the Gmail web app, Firefox, and more on the ClamBook, provided you have the right phone.

There’s still no word yet on the pricing of the ClamBook, which we think will be the main deciding factor for some people. As for its availability, ClamCase said that it will hit stores just in time for the holiday shopping season. We certainly hope the real product will look as good as the simulated pictures. And yes, we do think the ClamBook name is missing an “Air” on the back.

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