Cisco Android Tablet

Cisco Android Tablet

Electronista are running a story that suggests Cisco might release an Android based communication tablet designed to work specifically with the tradtional Cisco feature-set. Think secure communication like VPN and WebEx for meetings.

The news comes from the most recent episode of CNET‘s Buzz Out Loud. Here is what Electronista had to say on the matter,

Irish listener’s e-mail response about 37 minutes into the podcast claimed that Cisco is working on a 7-inch, Android-based tablet that would most likely be used for business communication. It would probably have hardware tailored to this with a front camera, dual microphones with noise cancellation, and possible support for Cisco-oriented features.

Obviously at this point there is not way to validate or refute the current claim. We certainly do not have any information such as how much this device will cost or when it will become available. However, it is certainly a story to keep an eye out and we’ll do some digging of our own to see what we can over-turn.

[Via Electronista]

James Tromans
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