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Deal: Start your career as a Cisco network specialist for just $49

If you want to take your first steps on the road to a lucrative career in networking, the Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle is the ideal place to start.
November 23, 2018
Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle
Forbes magazine estimates that Cisco is 15 times bigger than it’s nearest rival in the networking game.

Whether networking floats your boat or not, it’s absolutely integral to every big company on the planet. Naturally then, network engineers are in high demand, and Cisco engineers sit on top of that pile.

If you’re thinking of clambering up there with them, the Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle is an excellent place to start. We were very pleased to see that this highly-rated course is back on offer, and for $10 lower than than ever.

This huge bundle contains nine learning kits, and the premium content is tailored to suit all levels of experience. A wide range of networking topics is covered, from the foundations, through to video networks, wireless networks, and security.

The Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle

The Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle:

Don’t let the jargon put you off. What you get here is a preparation for nine core Cisco certification exams. You’ll get an intimate knowledge of routers and switches, LANs and WANs, and many other networking concepts which go right over the heads of us Luddites. It’s an impressive list of qualifications to bolster your resume.

Right now we’re in the sweet spot between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, meaning there’s an insane 99 percent price drop on this bundle. If you sign up in time, you’ll get lifetime access to these pricey materials for just $49.

The deal ends on Monday, so don’t put off your career kickstart. Sign up now by hitting the button below.

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