Circix review

What is Circix?

Circix is a fun little brain puzzler that makes you connect circuits a certain number of times. For instance, if you see a node that says “2” then two other nodes connect to that specific node. The challenge isn’t necessarily apparent from the start, but eventually it gets much harder to determine which nodes go where.

Here’s how you play the game. On each level there are the aforementioned nodes. You simply swipe between them to create a connection. You cannot delete connections so if you mess up you have to start over from scratch which sounds like a feature flaw but it’s actually a part of the challenge. You have to get it perfect the first time or start entirely over.

There are three difficulties with the only difference between them being the side of the grid. The harder you go, the larger the grid gets. So if the basic size is too easy, just wait because it does get larger and harder. If you find yourself stuck, you can use a hint to help figure out what to do. You get 10 hints to start with and then you must buy more.

Aside from the game mechanics, Circix also features in app purchases. They include ad removal, a couple of hints packs in case you need a hint, more level packs, and tablet levels if you want them. If you don’t intend on spending a dime, you’ll still have about 200 levels to play with and the ads aren’t all that intrusive.

That’s pretty much it. Like we stated earlier this is a simple, but fun little puzzle game. If you’re waiting for an appointment or taking a bathroom time out then it’s a fun little game to have around to waste a few minutes. It has over 200 levels so it will take a while to beat and there are more levels if you want them for a nominal fee.

Circix review


You get 200 levels for free. That's way above average.
It's enjoyable to play as a time waster.
In app purchases are not in the way or offensive.
Colorful graphics and quirky sound effects for the win.
Levels crafted specifically for you tablet owners (as an in app purchase).


It will feel repetitive after a while.
No Google Play Games services.
Its simplicity is a strength and a weakness. Aside from the main objective, there's nothing else to do.

Bottom Line

Overall, we’d recommend Circix. The game starts fast and easy enough to help you learn the mechanics and its gradual shift in difficulty like a more natural progression that you’d see in other puzzle games. The in app purchases aren’t offensive as you can enjoy the game perfectly fine without them. If you’re a casual Android gamer or just enjoy puzzle games, then this is a clean, fun app to try. Also, it’s free in the Play Store. Check it out using the button below.

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