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Cinemagram hits Android, create GIFs and looping video

Confirmed for Android in April 2012, Cinemagram is now available for download. Users can create animated GIFs and looping videos.
April 10, 2013

Animated GIFs continue to grow in popularity. Now, exactly one year after Cinemagram developers confirmed an Android version, it’s finally going to hit Google Play. Cinemagram allows you to record a video, loop it, and select specific parts of the video to animate. For example, you could record a video with a flag in the background, animate only the flag, and create an attention-grabbing effect. You can also record short, edited videos by holding to record, releasing, and then recording your next great moment… much like Vine for Twitter.


The interface is very similar to what you’ll find on Instagram, but you are able to reshare people’s images or videos.


Instead of using a GIF format, sharing on the web now uses a video format. At the moment, Cinemagram for Android has some issues. There have been problems with sharing GIFs, and the “Open” button that appears on web embeds redirects to the iOS app. However, minor updates should fix those problems.

Since January of this year, Twitter’s Vine has really demonstrated how successful GIF-like videos can be. Even with complaints of only being able to record for six seconds, Vine reached the number one spot in Apple’s App Store under “Top Free iPhone Apps”. Until Vine makes its way to Android, Cinemagram offers a nice alternative.