chromecast angle aa

Google has released an update to its Chromecast dongle (build 14651), which brings several bug fixes as well as a cosmetic refresh.

The new home screen packs multiple images which will change automatically or each time the page is refreshed. Furthermore, the new home screen shows the time in the bottom right corner and the name of the Chromecast dongle in the bottom left, as seen in the image below.

Chromecast New Home Screen

Chromecast Home Screen – new images available in update 14651 | Image credit: Android Police

By going to this URL address found by an xda user, you can check out the new images that the Chromecast will cycle through.

Previously, the home screen featured a stock image on top of which you could read the “ready to cast” text in a rather big font, as well as Chromecast information including name, date and Wi-Fi network – check out the following image.

Chromecast New Home Screen

Old Chromecast Home Screen | Image credit: Android Police

We’ll also remind you that in addition to the software update, the Chromecast has received support for more applications including Plex, Songza, Vevo and seven others.

Also important is the fact that Google is running an interesting Nexus 7 (2013) and Chromecast Christmas promotion, which will get you a free $35 Play Store credit when buying the two devices at the same time.