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Chromecast teardown reveals a simple, easy to disassemble device

The Chromecast has been torn down and the insides were actually surprising. The device contains no complicated parts at all and is really simple underneath.
July 27, 2013

So far the Chromecast has been a bombshell release. It’s a $35 dongle that shares your Google Chrome browser tabs to your television. We’ve seen a a review, some hidden features revealed, and a plethora of discussion about the Chromecast. The little dongle that could just keeps going, as iFixit has torn down the Chromecast to see what’s inside.

There is actually a lot less inside the device than you’d expect, considering how wonderful it’s been so far. Here’s a quick list of all the things you’ll find inside the Chromecast.

  • An aluminum heat sink that spans the length of the entire device.
  • AzureWave AW-NH387 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth and FM Combo module.
  • Marvell DE3005-A1 SoC.
  • Nanoleaf MT29F16G08MAA 16Gb (2GB) NAND Flash Memory.
  • Nanoleaf D9PXV 512MB DDR3L SDRAM.

That’s about it. According to iFixit, it’s a luxury item with limited use and they didn’t even assign it a repairability score. That means if it breaks, you pretty much have to buy a new one. Since it’s only $35, that’s not all that bad. They mentioned that it was easy to open. It can be pried open using the seam in the dongle.

There was one thing that was interesting. If you look at the screen shot above, you’ll see the model number is H2G2-42. As iFixit pointed out, H2G2 is a common acronym for HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and, as we all know, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Very well played there, Google.

Unfortunately, the inside of the Chromecast isn’t nearly as interesting as the device itself. In a $35 dongle, one can’t expect too much. However, we believe that it’s actually a good thing that the Chromecast isn’t complicated. Thanks to its simplicity and how cheap it is, this thing breaking won’t ruin anyone’s day. Just a quick trip to the Play Store or the local Best Buy and you can just grab another one for $35. We’d like to hear what you think. Did you expect more out of the Chromecast or is this about what you expected? If you want to talk about it, tell us about it in the comments.