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Commits found in the Chromium open source project, the precursor of Chrome and Chrome OS, suggest that Google may be bringing Chromecast support to the Android version of the browser in the close future.

Code first spotted by the folks at Myce suggests that a flag to enable the feature will be added to the Developer channel of Chromium, while the feature will be present but turned off in the Beta channel. It may take a while for the changes to trickle to Chrome Beta and then the stable channel, but the wheels seem to be in motion.

Issue 326212 - chromium - Put flag visible in about_flags - An open-source proje 40 001158

[chrome] Diff of _trunk_src_chrome_app_generated_resources.grd 30 001159

Currently, users can only fling webpages to the Chromecast using Chrome for Windows with a special extension installed.

Google’s $35 HDMI dongle has been gathering steam as more developers release apps that support it. Just this week, ten new apps, including the popular media player Plex, were updated to support sending media to the Chromecast.

On a related note, Google just optimized the web versions of Play Music and Play Music for the Chromecast.

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