Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Android Device Manager has saved our guts at least once, right? The ability to find, ring, block and wipe a device remotely can be very convenient when a phone gets lost or stolen. And now we are finding out Chromebooks with access to the Google Play Store can also take advantage of these neat features.

While it seems to be an accidental side feature, the ability to use the Android Device Manager with a Chromebook will prove useful to many. Especially considering these are devices made with mobility in mind.

General tests show that Chrome OS laptops can be easily and accurately found in the map, but other features may be wonky. For example, ringing the device won’t actually play a sound, but it will dim the screen and show a notification. Alternatively, you can simply wipe the device or try to lock it.

Of course, in order to take advantage of the Android Device Manager, Chromebooks do need access to the Google Play Store. Google’s app store is only available to 3 devices right now: the 2015 Chromebook Pixel, ASUS Chromebook Flip and Acer R11 Chromebook. And that is only for those running the beta channel. The rest of us will have to wait until the public release.

Have any of you tried using the Android Device Manager with a Chromebook? Hit the comments to let us know how well it works!