Chromebook Pixel Hinge AA

Chromebooks have been on a roll in the past few weeks, and according to Digitimes, the momentum will continue into the second half of 2013 with shipments expected to double or even triple first half shipments.

Digitimes has reported that this is due to the weak demand for Windows 8, as well as the support by Google and Intel for the platform and the recent entry into the market by AMD. Acer, Lenovo, HP and Samsung are all gearing up to launch new Chromebooks, and ASUS is also contemplating joining the blossoming platform.

HP and Lenovo are both expected to increase Chromebook sales in the second half of 2013, and Acer will triple its orders for Chromebooks, with Samsung preparing to sell four times as much Chromebooks.

While many analysts discounted Chrome OS and labelled it too limited, the platform has defied the shrinking of the PC market to continue to grow exponentially. Just last week, a report stated that Chromebooks comprised about 25% of sub-$300 PC sales, which for a very young operating system, is brilliant.

The success of Chrome OS has caused other OEMs like Lenovo and HP, who were not originally interested in Chromebooks, to join the platform. With other manufacturers like ASUS considering joining the budding platform, it can only get better for Chrome OS fans.